Clarke Street

A long time in the making....obstacles to overcome throughout the process....the construction of these 2 townhouses is finally well and truly underway!  

Working with a small vacant site, at the rear of an existing dwelling (which has been retained), the site posed various constraints on the design. Managing to work with these constraints and a time consuming planning process, UR SPACE has designed 2 compact and smart townhouses where spaces flow freely and the small footprint of each unit is not felt due to smart and innovative design features.


The focus here was to ensure that a small dwelling can still achieve a 'big' way of life, with no compromises on the effect of living.  The result is a very smart floorplan for each unit (slightly different from one another), with great focus on flexibility of spaces, and the emphasis on inside/outside living with 'wow' factors achieved in the use of materials both inside and out.  


Nearing completion in a few short months.....stay tuned for more photo's....

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